Air International 2018-06
C.Kuit, P.Kievit - Turkey's Coast Guard /Parapublic/
The MELTEM II programme has seen Thales modify the three SGK CN235MSAs for exclusive economic zone surveillance missions as part of the most complex and prestigious project for the Turkish Coast Guard to date.
Two of the three CN235MSAs delivered to the SGK in the early 2000s, which have been extensively upgraded with new equipment under the MELTEM II programme.
The crew of a CN235MSA consists of two pilots, two observers, two operators and a flight technician. The operators have a wide array of systems available including the ASELFLIR 200, side-looking airborne radar and Ocean Master 400 radar.
To support SAR tasks smoke markers and Aerolite 6 life rafts, pictured, have been installed in the CN235MSAs. The aircraft is able to deploy life rafts for about 100 people in one drop.
A search and rescue exercise involving an AB412EP. The Coast Guard Command Centre in Ankara is responsible for dispatching assets to perform a search and rescue operations.
Other tasks undertaken by the SGK's aircraft in addition to SAR are anti-terrorist operations, pollution control, border control and homeland security.
Each student and pilot has to be able to operate during day and night time hours, and the SGK is tasked to respond to an emergency within 30-90 minutes.
According to Bell, the AB412EP’s expansive cabin provides multi-mission flexibility, and its 7ft 8in wide doors easily accommodate forklift loadings into a spacious 220ft3 cabin.
The AB412EPs (locally designated AB412SAR) are equipped with four cockpit displays installed by Aselsan, an auto hover function, more powerful engines with full authority digital engine control, night vision capabilities, and cameras in the hoist and cabin.