Air International 2017-09
M.Broadbent - Triple Seven /Commercial/
More than 800 777-300ERs have now been ordered. This one, Saudi Arabian Airlines 777-3FG/ER HZ-AK40 (c/n 61598), is pictured taxiing at Paris CDG in April 2017.
The 2015 Performance Improvement Package includes a divergent trailing edge, which increases the camber (or the asymmetry between a wing’s top and bottom surfaces) to maximise airflow over the wing.
Qatar Airways was the launch customer for the 2015 Performance Improvement Pack­age, which will be applied to all its 777-300ERs. Here 777-3DZ/ER A7-BAE (c/n 36104), wearing the special FC Barcelona livery, departs London Heathrow.