Air International 2016-03
P.Butowski - Fullback /Military/
By the end of 2015, 73 production standard Su-34s had been built, from a total of 129 ordered. The Su-34 was commissioned into service on March 18, 2014, when a formal decree was signed by the President of Russia.
The Su-34 tactical bomber is replacing the Su-24M Fencer, provides a 30-50% greater range in similar flight profiles; has much more advanced targeting and navigation systems and new types of armament.
Since the end of 2011, Su-34s have been fitted with TA14-130-35 auxiliary power units mounted inside the aircraft’s tail booms with exhaust grilles on the port side of the boom. Note the seven chaff and flare dispensers mounted in underside of the tail boom.
The ventrally-mounted I255 B1/02 Platan laser and TV sight (shown deployed) is stowed inside the fuselage during cruise.
The electronically scanned antenna of the Fullback's V004 radar made by Leninets in St Petersburg.
The last Su-34 built for test and evaluation, T10V-8/side number 48, joined its predecessors on December 20, 2003. In August 2008 aircraft 47 and 48 participated in the war with Georgia jamming Georgian air defence radars.
An Su-34 of the 559th Independent Bomber Aviation Regiment based at Morozovsk carrying a Kh-59M on the centreline pylon (partly hidden from view), two Kh-31 air-to-surface missiles, plus two R-27 air-to-air missiles on the under wing pylons and an R-73 on each wing tip.
Su-34 21 rolls-out from landing at Voronezh Air Base in December 2012 home of the 47th Composite Aviation Regiment: the first Russian Air and Space Force operational Fullback unit.
The two-seat side-by-side cockpit of the Su-34 features five MFI-66 MFDs, two PS-2 control panels and standby analogue instruments. Note the ShKAI-34 head-up display at the pilot’s left position.
For reconnaissance the UKR-RL pod with a Pika X-band side-looking radar will be carried on a pylon between the engines for reconnaissance missions.