Air International 2015-10
H.-P.Grolleau - Airlifters over Africa /Military/
An A340 at N’Djamena - the type is providing sterling service to the French armed forces in Africa.
In the Sahara theatre Transalls are flown with a full load of decoys.
Transall R204/64-GD taxies out from Niamey for yet another mission.
Troops arriving in North Africa are taken to the frontline bas­es in northern Mali aboard Transalls, as seen here at Niamey. The CN235 crews have painted 'Casa Team' and 'I love Casa Nurse’ on the tailfin.
French airmen have become accustomed to carrying out maintenance procedures in austere environments, as with these checks being conducted on a Transall.
The A400M is progressively taking an expanding role in Africa - the type offers twice the speed, twice the endurance and twice the load as a Transall.