Air International 2015-09
D.Unwin - Twenty-First Century Trainer /Commercial/
The 120TP feels, and flies, more like a jet than a propeller-driven aircraft.
Control harmony is excellent, while adverse yaw is practically non-existent.
Немецкий самолет G-120TP
With the power at maximum continuous power a tight 360 at 200kts generates a sustained 4g.
Grob is currently building about fifty 120TPs a year.
The wings feature large upswept winglets, with powerful LED landing and taxi lights built into each wingtip.
Power is converted into thrust by a five-blade MT constant speed/reversible prop.
The Genesys Aero-systems avionics suite consists of four identically-sized liquid crystal display screens. Attitude, altitude, speed and heading is also displayed on a small, self-contained Emergency Standby Instrument.
The ‘blue ring’ presentation on the primary flight display is an instantaneous glide path calculator, and is actually quite ragged because the computer takes into account both the terrain elevation and the relative wind.