Air International 2015-03
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F-35B Lightning II ZM135 (BK-01) seen on take-off from Edwards on February 5, 2015 for a test mission flown under full UK legislation.
Despite its allocation to No.17(R) Squadron, F-35B ZM135 (BK-01) will remain devoid of any squadron markings in accordance with the UK’s operational test criteria.
Artwork decorating the floor of the main F-35 hangar used by the four test squadrons assigned to the JOTT at Edwards.
The serrated edges of the F-35B's nozzle are clearly shown in this photo.
Wg Cdr Jim Beck loosens up his flight gear after the ferry flight from the East Coast to Edwards Air Force Base on January 13, 2015.
UK F-35B ZM135 (BK-01) taxies in from runway 22 at Edwards on its arrival at its new home: Edwards Air Force Base, California.
OC No.17(R) Squadron, Wg Cdr Jim Beck is a former Tornado GR4 pilot who served with No.XI(B) and No.XIII Squadrons.
F-35B Lightning II ZM136 (BK-02) was due to be delivered to Edwards Air Force Base in January 2015. The aircraft is now expect­ed at the Californian super base sometime in March.