Air International 2014-08
H.-P.Grolleau - France's Air Defendefs /Military/ (1)
A Mirage 2000 refuels from a KC-135 during a practice QRA mission.
AdlA fighters and helicopters are maintained at seven-minute readiness during the day and 15 minutes at night.
A French Air Force pilot races to a Rafale fighter on a QRA scramble from BA118 Mont-de-Marsan.
One of the two Rafales held on quick reaction alert at BA118 Mont-de-Marsan.
The Fennecs have two snipers aboard, highly-trained to engage a micro-drone, a paramotor or a paraglider.
The Fennec is suitable for intercepting targets travelling at up to 100kts (185km/h), the average cruise speed of a light aircraft.