Air International 2013-10
P.Butowski - Maxing Out at MAKS /Military/
TS13 included the first tactical 'interfly' mission flown by C-17s from two nations.
T-50s 051, 052 and 054 ready for take-off at Zhukovsky. MAKS 2013 was the first time that three T-50 aircraft had flown together in a public display.
T-50 pilots Sergey Bogdan, Roman Kondratyev and Sergey Cherneyshev performed a graceful three-ship display at MAKS 2013.
Sergey Bogdan pulls T-50 052 into inverted flight during his flight demonstration routine at Zhukovsky.
Sergey Bogdan performs the Cobra manoeuvre in T-50 052 at MAKS 2013.
Two versions of the PAK FA's ultraviolet missile approach warning sensor were displayed at MAKS 2013: the single-window 101KS-U/01 (left) and on its public debut the twin-window 101KS-U/02 (right).
On display at this year's show was the N036 radar's side-mounted X-band electronically scanned array antenna.
The 250kg KAB-250 precision guided-bomb has been specifically designed for the T-50 PAK FA.