Air International 2018-08
S.Bovi - Policing Italy /Parapublic/
A Polizia di Stato AB212 winching during Exercise Grifone in northeast Italy.
There are 11 Polizia di Stato aerial units across Italy, which between them operate 60 helicopters and 17 fixed-wing aircraft.
The Wescam MTS mounted in the AB 212 has two CCD colour image cameras and one thermal sensor.
All three 2° Reparto Volo AB 212 inside the unit's hangar at Milan Malpensa.
Surveillance is the primary role for the AB 212s and one of 2° Reparto Volo’s responsibilities is to monitor flights operating into Milan Malpensa deemed to have a high security risk.
A single P68 Observer II is used by 2°Reparto Volo. Note the glass fibre forward fuselage to give the crew enhanced visibility of the ground.