Jane's All the World Aircraft 1964
02 - Drones
Ryan BQM-34A Firebee target drone in ground-launch configuration
Canberra U.Mk.10 making a pilotless landing
Jindivik Mk.3A target drone on its launching trolley
Ryan Flex Bee reconnaissance drone
Meteor U.Mk.16 drone in unmanned flight over R.A.E. range area, North Wales
Nord CT.20 radio-controlled target on its launching ramp
Meteor P.1 target drone (120 hp Meteor Alfa l/AQ engine)
Kawasaki KAQ-5 rocket-powered target drone
Beechcraft Model 1001 missile target system, as supplied to Germany
Artist’s impression of Beechcraft Model 1025 TJ target drone
Beechcraft AQM-37A target, powered by a liquid-propellent rocket engine
Gyrodyne QH-50C anti-submarine drone helicopter
North American Redhead-Roadrunner supersonic target drone
Northrop MQM-33 target drone on rail launcher
Northrop MQM-57A surveillance drone on its lightweight launcher
Northrop AQM-38B rocket-powered target drone
Eighth prototype of the JDA B-4 rocket-powered drone
Fairchild AN/USD-5 long-range surveillance drone
Republic Bikini ultra-lightweight reconnaissance drone in its latest configuration