Flight 1938-11
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The air-frame having been removed from its jig, is now fitted with wings and tail-plane, and the Blenheim “stands on its own legs” for the first time. The fitting of the airscrews, turret, and other equipment is then proceeded with.
HURRICANE DEFENCE. The formidable Hawker Hurricanes play an important role in Britain's air defence. They are fitted with Rolls-Royce Merlin engines.
HIGH POWER DEFENCE. The Hawker Hurricane forms an important part of Britain's defence force. Fitted with Rolls-Royce Merlin engines exceptional speeds have been obtained on routine flights.
A Rotol constant-speed airscrew, hydraulic type, on the Bristol Pegasus XXII of a Vickers Wellesley.
The Rotol Constant Speed Airscrews fitted io the three Vickers "Wellesley" machines for the record-breaking long-range flight incorporated airscrew blade forgings in MAGNUMINIUM Magnesium Base Alloy By HIGH DUTY ALLOYS LTD., SLOUGH
The fifteen Ansons of No. 217 Squadron flew in a formation intended to provide concentrated protective cross-fire. It will be gathered that outlook from the Anson is extraordinarily good.
THE DOUGLAS DC2 (2 “Bristol” Pegasus) as supplied to Polskie Linje Lotnicze “LOT,” the Polish airline company. The DC2 is a twin-engined low-wing cantilever monoplane of cellular multi-web construction in aluminium alloy; with trailing-edge flaps, retractable undercarriages and wheel brakes. Normal passenger accommodation is 14, and provision is made for ventilation and steam-heating, buffet with refrigerator, etc. Two cargo and mail compartments. Span 85 ft., length 62 ft., height 16 ft. 3 in., useful load 6,152 lbs. Speed 198 m.p.h. at 6,500 feet. Built by Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc., U.S.A.