Aeroplane Monthly 1988-02
K.Robinson - Salute to the Sunderland (3)
Short Sunderland III W3999 of 10 Sqn, photographed at MAEE Helensburgh in April 1942. The faired main step improved the speed and range of the Mk III. The first Sunderland Mk III made its maiden flight on June 28, 1941.
Atmospheric shot taken from a Sunderland during take-off, the 900 h.p. Bristol Pegasus engines going at full chat.
Last patrol: Z for Zebra, a Sunderland V which flew Coastal Command’s last convoy escort for the Royal Navy. At 0001 hr on June 4, 1945, 500 miles south-west of Ireland, the order "Cease Patrol" was received.