Aeroplane Monthly 1988-02
D.Thirlby - Avro Apprentice (1)
Vulcan in company with four Avro 707s in 1953.
The three prototype Avro Shackletons under one roof. In the foreground is VW135; VW126 and VW131 are behind. The first prototype, VW126, made its maiden flight on March 9, 1949.
The Athena production line at Chadderton. The fifteen Athena T.2s supplied to the RAF between October 1949 and September 1951 were mainly for gunnery training.
The prototype Athena I three-seat advanced trainer, one of the first aircraft to fly with a single small turboprop engine - the Armstrong Siddeley Mamba. VM125 was first flown on June 12, 1948.