Aeroplane Monthly 1988-02
M.Jerram - For Business and Pleasure
This view of the prototype Auster J/5B Autocar shows clearly the hump-backed appearance of this four-seater.
Cirrus Autocar AP-AHJ seen at Elstree shortly after its arrival there in the winter of 1960-61. It subsequently became G-ARKG.
Early 1950 photograph of the second production Auster J/5B Autocar. In February 1957 it was sold in Spain and became EC-ANK.
The Auster J/5V Auto­car, with 180 h.p. Lycoming engine, became a development prototype for the D-series Austers/Beagles.
Pest Control’s J/5G Cirrus Autocar G-AMOY at Sion in Switzerland in 1953. It was one of three flown out to control the maybug.
The fin and rudder area of the Autocar (right) was considerably more than that of the Autocrat.
Auster J/5R Alpine G-APAA was delivered to the Automobile Association during the summer of 1956.
The prototype Autocar photographed with a standard four-seater car of the period.
The prototype Autocar performing at the 1949 SBAC Show at Farnborough, just days after its first flight.
Cirrus Autocar G-AMZV was fitted with a Saro experimental hydro-ski undercarriage.
The controls and instruments, followed general Auster practice. The rear fuselage was 8in wider than that of the Autocrat. (Auster J/5B Autocar)
The scale drawing of the Autocar is reproduced by kind permission of Aeromodeller