Aeroplane Monthly 1989-05
F.Hislop - Memories (1)
The author stands in front of the piggy-back Junkers Ju 88G/Focke-Wulf Fw 190 at the Enemy Aircraft Flight at Schleswig Holstein.
MB.2 с окончательным вариантом оперения. Выдвинут противокапотажный пилон
The sole Martin Baker M.B.2 private venture single-seat fighter was powered by a 798 h.p. 24-cylinder Napier-Halford Dagger M.3 engine. Later it acquired the RAF serial number P9594. It is seen here at Heston in May 1939.
Production Cierva C.30s at Hanworth.
Fairey’s beautifully-proportioned Fantome fighter of 1935. Powered by a 12-cylinder Hispano-Suiza 12Ycrs, Fantome F6/G-ADIF crashed at Evere on July 17, 1935 during a demonstration for the Belgian government’s International Fighter Competition.
Fairey Long-range Monoplane II K1991 photographed at RAE Farnborough on May 2, 1933.
Stinson G-ABTZ, in which the author had a flight.