Aeroplane Monthly 1989-07
Supermarine Spitfires of 19 Squadron flying from RAF Duxford in May 1939. Having flown Siskins, Bulldogs and Gauntlets, the squadron became the first to receive Spitfires, in August 1938.
Two of Chris Wren’s Oddentification caricatures, depicting the Me 163 and the VI “buzz bomb".
First flight of Supermarine Stranraer: July 27, 1934
MICHAEL O'LEARY'S impressive centre-spread features the magnificent Douglas DC-2 recently restored by the Douglas Historical Foundation. It is seen in flight near Catalina Island in April this year.
DAVID HIGGS'S dramatic cover photograph, depicts pensioner John Jordan about to loop his Boeing Stearman PT-17 over Bedfordshire. The German cross on the rudder is a left-over from the Biggles film, in which both pilot and aircraft starred.