Aeroplane Monthly 1989-10
A.White - The last casualties of the Hardest Day
Heinkel He 111P Werknr 1408 of 5/KG27 Boelcke at Dinard the month before it was rammed by Bruce Hancock over Windrush. Standing in front of it is Unteroffizier Herbert Rave, its observer.
Left, one of the Heinkel’s engines, which landed 50yd from the burning fuselage. Right, a close-up of the remains of the Heinkel’s tail.
The wreckage of the Heinkel spread across a clover field two miles south-west of Windrush airfield.
This painting by Barry Walding depicts Avro Anson I L9164, piloted by Sgt Bruce Hancock, ramming Heinkel He 111 1408 over Windrush on the night of August 18, 1940.
The only known surviving photograph of the wreckage of Hancock's Anson: the remains of the turret, lying some distance from the rest of the aircraft.