Aeroplane Monthly 1991-07
T.Gwynn-Jones - Flying for gold (2)
Part of the Guinea Airways fleet at Lae in 1932. In addition to the Junkers-G 31s, a pair of W 34 monoplanes and three D.H.60 Moths are on display.
Pilot and passenger in the cockpit of one of the five Junkers-W 34s operated by Guinea Airways.
Ray Parer (on wing) and his brother Kevin pose with porters by Junkers-W 33 The Lady Lettie.
The roof hatch above the Junkers-G' 31’s cavernous cargo bay allowed easy loading of equipment such as this three-ton tube mill. The picture also shows the open-cockpit conversion of the G 31 preferred for the short-haul operations in New Guinea’s torrid conditions.
At Wau a "Bitza" truck is hoisted out of a G 31. Made from assorted vehicles, the truck had a three-foot wide chassis to negotiate a narrow donkey track between Wau and an isolated mine site.
Unloading a car at Wau.
Bulolo aerodrome on March 21, 1932. The line-up of aircraft brought officials and guests to the party celebrating the completion of No 2 Dredge (the large structure directly above the trio of G 31s at centre left).
Unloading a tractor from a Junkers-G 31 at Wau.
Looking into the large, practical cargo bay of a Junkers-G 31.
The 1-in-12 slope of the Wau airstrip is clearly apparent.