Aeroplane Monthly 1993-02
H.Levy - Pitcairn's pinwheels (2)
The PA-33 (YG-2) observation Autogiro.
A Pitcairn PA-24 fitted with sliding cockpit hoods.
PA-18 NC12678 at Wings Field near Philadelphia. In the front seat is owner Ann Strawbridge of the department store family.
A landing accident with a PA-18 at Floyd Bennett Field, New York in 1937.
Pitcairn's chief test pilot Jim Ray sitting in the PA-22 prototype, the company’s first wingless Autogiro.
[PA-22] NEARER STILL: This Pitcairn Autogiro, ordered by the U.S. Bureau of Air Commerce, has a Pobjoy engine. The Bureau of Air Commerce, it will be remembered, has been studiously fostering the fool-proof private owner type of machine.
A Pitcairn AC-35 with contra-rotating propellers. Note the enclosed tailplane.
Eugene Vidal, director of the US Bureau of Commerce, hits the road in the AC-35 roadable Autogiro.
A PA-19 over New York in 1933.
G-ADBE was one of two Pitcairn PA-19s imported by the Hon A. E. Guinness. Registered in 1936, 'BE was based at Eastleigh until the war and was scrapped at RAF Kenley in 1950.
Florida Year-Round Clubs' four-seat PA-19 NC13182. Note difference in rotor fairing and the added “D” window for the rear passengers.
The front seats of the PA-19. The control column was a Waco cabin control unit. The rotor clutch and brake, together with the parking brake, are the vertical levers at bottom left of the instrument panel.
PA-36 NX20674 was demonstrated to the United States Army Air Corps and is seen here during a demonstration at Bolling Field, Washington in early 1941.