Aeroplane Monthly 1993-02
R.Williams - The whistling wheelbarrow (2)
The Series 200 Argosy had a new, lighter wing, increased pay load, two-crew operation and was powered by four 2,250 h.p. Dart 532s.
A 1978 photograph of IPEC’s Series 222 Argosy VH-IPB. It began life in 1959 as G-APWW.
BEA's Argosy Series 222 G-ATTC making a typically steep approach at Heathrow.
Bill Else and Eric Franklin, pilots on the first flight of G-ASKZ.
A Series 200 Argosy under construction at Bitteswell old site in July 1963.
Safe Air Argosy Series 222 ZK-SAF in 1978. Named Merchant Pioneer, AF had previously flown with BEA as G-ASXM.
BEA’s Series 222 G-ASXO was delivered in mid-1965. In 1970 it passed to Midwest Airlines Ltd in Winnipeg and became CF-TAX.
BEA’s first Argosy 222, G-ASXL, taking off on its delivery flight, on January 28, 1965.
Argosy Series 222 CF-TAZ of Transair Midwest Airline of Canada taking off from Resolute Bay in the Arctic.
The first of a batch of ten Series 200 Argosies, G-ASKZ, was first flown on March 9, 1964, from Bitteswell by Eric Franklin.
The flightdeck of Argosy Series 102 G-APVH.
A general arrangement drawing of the projected A.W.670. It was never built.