Aeroplane Monthly 1993-07
Plane Crazy
The Seattle Museum of Flight’s eyecatching signpost incorporates three-dimensional images - it’s a new advertising technique called “extensions”. Beneath the “crashed” Jenny is a dejected “pilot” sitting on the parapet waiting for someone to produce a ladder.
Strolling down Oxford Street in London the other day I was stopped in my tracks by a full-sized P-51 in a shop window. Back in the office I contacted Avirex to find out more. Avirex is a well-established retailer of fashion wear and is reportedly the world’s largest manufacturer of authentic replica World War Two flying jackets, having shops in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. The Oxford Street shop is the first outlet in Europe and in order to “create an exciting and unforgettable image” a replica P-51 was shipped to London from Rialto, California.
The Bleriot XI during the dismantling test at the Hendon Demonstration of Military Aircraft - May 1911.