Aeroplane Monthly 1993-11
M.Retallack - Mastering the Meteor (2)
Meteor F.8 WK851 and Meteor T.7 WL339 on turnaround inspections at RAF Worksop.
Gloster test pilot Brian Smith whips up his Meteor T.7’s undercarriage on the start of a test flight from Moreton Valence.
A trio of 205 AFS Meteor T.7s, part of a batch of 137 aircraft delivered to the RAF between August 1949 and February 1951. The aircraft are WA657, WF829 and WA715.
Meteor T.7 WF794 being refuelled at Worksop. This 211 FTS aircraft ended its days with a signals school.
Meteor T.7 WL429 and Meteor F.8 WA857 outside the No 1 Squadron hangar at RAF Worksop.
211 FTS Meteor F.8 WK851 at RAF Worksop.
The author about to go solo in Meteor F.8 VZ519. Delivered to the RAF in 1950, this 211 FTS aircraft passed to a signals school in 1958.
The author airborne in Meteor F.8 WK860. This aircraft later passed to 4 FTS before ending up with, a signals school in 1958.