Air International 1988-02
D.Godfrey - Expanding Markets for the Dash 8
Unmarked with national insignia when this photograph was taken shortly before delivery, the CC-142 is a Canadian Armed Forces version of the Dash 8 Series 100. Two have been purchased for use on cargo and passenger transport duties in Europe in place of Dash 7s previously in service.
The prototype Dash 8 Series 300 is a conversion of the first Series 100 airframe. Seating up to 56 passengers, the Series 300 cabin is 11 ft 3 in (3,4 m) longer than that of the 37/40-seat Series 100, and an increase of 5 ft (1,52 m) in wing span raises the aspect ratio of the new variant from 12-35 to 13-39:1.
German regional operator DLT is one of the few European operators of the Dash 8, the principal market for which, to date, has been in North America. Power plant for this Series 100 is a pair of Pratt & Whitney Canada PW 120s of 2,000 shp each, whereas the Series 300 uses 2,380 shp PW 123s.
Distinguished by a large nose radome - here on an aerodynamic test-bed - the CT-142 version of the Dash 8 Series 100 is a navigational trainer for the CAF. Four are on order, in addition to the two CC-142 transports.
De Havilland Canada Dash 8-300