Air International 1988-02
??? - Regaining momentum - the RAF Tornado
The Tornado Weapons Conversion Unit at Honington marks its aircraft with the camel insignia of its "shadow" squadron. No 45.
Although the latest Tornado GR Mk I unit to arrive in Germany - having moved from the UK in 1985 - No 9 Squadron is allocated the premier code letter series, AA to AZ. Its companions at Bruggen are No 14 (BA-BZ), No 17 (CA-CZ) and No 31 (DA-DZ). Laarbruch hosts No 15 (EA-EZ), No 16 (FA-FZ) and No 20 (GA-GZ).
With an assigned maritime air defence role, No 29 Squadron’s Tornado F Mk 3s wear fin insignia of an eagle preying upon a buzzard, as well as the traditional - but unofficial - "triple-X" marking on the engine air intakes.
A Tornado F Mk 3 from No 229 OCU lifts off, demonstrating afterburner, wing slats and flaps and the undercarriage retraction cycle.
A pair of Coningsby-based Tornado F Mk 3s from No 29 Squadron fly formation
Two F Mk 3s in the markings of No 5 Squadron, which will become operational on the new type at Coningsby on 1 May next. Base codes at Coningsby are AA-AZ for No 229 OCU, BA-BZ for No 29 and CA-CZ for No 5 Squadron.