Air International 1989-01
Photograph provided by Mark Lewis depict the Sea Fury FB Mk 11 WH589 as flown at Nowra.
Photograph provided by Mark Lewis depict the Firefly AS Mk 5 WD826
Photograph provided by Mark Lewis depict Spitfire F Mk 8 A58-758 - the last serial number registered for a Spitfire in RAAF service;
Further photographs to illustrate the Mk 1A air rescue lifeboat that was carried by Warwick ASR Mk Is. The rockets that were fired to carry lines to port and starboard of the boat after contact with the sea can be seen towards the stern in the photo on the left.
Reader Stan Willhight writes from Langley, Washington, USA, to say how much he enjoyed the spread on Heavy Lift in AIR International/May 1988. Until reading the article, the Belfast was, he says, "a mystery aircraft; at first sight the Belfast appeared to be a modified Hercules and then an aircraft from the Soviet Antonov line". Photographs enclosed by Mr Willhight show two Belfasts (above, G-BEPS and below, G-HLFT) at Boeing's Everett, Wash, assembly plant, where they had arrived with parts for the Boeing 747 built by Aeritalia in Italy.
The Republic RF-84F photographed by Jan van den Over upon its return to Volkel
The Republic RF-84F as P-5 when originally in service with the R Neth AF.