Air International 1992-09
R.Braybrook - Aermacchi MB-339C
Forerunner of the '339 was the MB-326, seen here in 'Aeronautica Militare Italiana' markings and flown by the 637th 'Squadriglia Collegamenti' (Liaison Group) at Trapani, Sicily.
MB-339 поступал в ВВС Италии как учебно-тренировочный самолет повышенной подготовки. Самолет был разработан на базе более раннего MB-326, имевшего хорошие пилотажные характеристики и "устойчивого" к ошибкам курсантов. Самолет также имел хорошие маневренные характеристики и эффективно использовался для подготовки курсантов к применению вооружений.
The AMI has accepted more than 90 MB-339As including ten aerobatic versions designated MB-339PAN for the 'Frecce Tricolori'. Aircraft No 40 and 42 equip the SVBIA ('Scuolo Volo Basico Iniziale Aviogetti') at Lecce Galatina.
View of the prototype C variant in clean condition.
Aiming for the JPATS contest, I-RAIB has been given this colour scheme and the name T-Bird II USAF/USN assessment trials.
Two of the RNZAF's 18 Aermacchi MB-339Cs pictured over Mount Ruapehu, North Island. Operated by No 14 Sqn, the aircraft is stressed to 7.33g but has been limited in RNZAF service to 6g in order to extend airframe life.
Among the countries that have purchased the MB-339 is the UAE where the Central Air Command's Flying Training Academy in Dubai operates five examples.
MB-339K I-BITE was a single-seat development but it failed to gain orders.
The Royal Malaysian Air Force received 13 MB-339As, the 11 survivors operating with No 3 Flying Training Centre at Kuantan.
The Ghana Air Force uses two in the armed trainer role and combines the aircraft with a handful of older MB-326F/Ks in a single combat unit.
View of the prototype C variant in armed condition, comprising two AIM-9L Sidewinders outboard, two rocket launchers and two DEFA 30mm gun pods.
Second MB-339 prototype l-NINE MM589 seen during weapon trials fitted with a ventral pallet for bombs.
Development aircraft l-GROW armed with gun pods and bombs.
First production MB-339C, l-TRON, which made its first flight on November 8, 1988.
MB-339C Design features