Air International 1992-10
M.Spick - Cheetah: Canard fighter for the SAAF
Three SAAF Cheetah Ds formate behind one of the tanker/special mission Boeing 707s which are believed to have been converted by Bedek Aviation in Israel. The large forward fairings indicate a probable Sigint role.
Pictured during a public display at Port Elizabeth in April 1992 is Cheetah D No 861 complete with shiny underwing combat tanks.
One of the first views of the Atlas Cheetah to be released was this shot of the two-seat version which was a modification of the Mirage IIID2Z.
A recent picture of a single-seat Cheetah E fitted with the removable in-flight refuelling probe.
An anonymous Atlas Cheetah E carrying underwing tanks and the bolt-on IFR probe. About 20 Mirage IIIs are being converted into this upgrade configuration.
The model of Cheetah at FIDAE '92 which shows two of the wing changes undergone by the aircraft, the improved leading edge can be seen on the table.
The main cutaway drawing depicts the Atlas Cheetah E single-seat fighter fitted with the proposed advanced combat wing incorporating wing tip Kukri AAMs. At the present time, Cheetahs have an improved wing with a prominent dog-tooth and small fence at mid-span. The avionics may comprise the Elta EL-2001B dual-purpose radar and an Elbit nav/attack system, while under the rear fuselage the original ventral fairing now appears to incorporate a chaff/flare dispenser.
Diagrams showing two different noses applicable to the Cheetah. Left is the R2 nose for the reconnaissance role and on the right is the E nose containing an intercept radar. The former has yet to be seen fitted to an upgrade version.
The general arrangement view shows the two-seat Cheetah D.