Jane's All the World Aircraft 1974
03 - Sailplanes
VFW-Fokkers' Rhein-Flugzeugbau subsidiary is now flight testing the Sirius II in its investigation of integrated ducted fan propulsion. First flown on 18 January 1972, Sirius II has two 30 hp Fichtel & Sachs Wankel-type engines driving the high-speed propeller that is contained in a duct forming an integral part of fuselage design, and the wing and tail unit of a Caproni Vizzola Calif A 21 sailplane. Use of Wankel type engines makes intermediate gears unnecessary and two-engined reliability is achieved with a single propeller.
Let L-13 Blanik tandem two-seat all-metal sailplane
Schleicher K 8B single-seat training and sporting sailplane
Sportavia RF5B Sperber, developed from the RF5, with cut-down rear fuselage
Sportavia RF5 tandem two-seat powered sailplane developed from the RF4D
Sportavia SFS 31 Milan single-seat powered sailplane
SZD-43 Orion single-seat sailplane, winner of the 1972 World Championships in the Standard Class
SZD-37 Jantar 19 single-seat Open Class sailplane, the first of Polish design to be built of glassfibre laminates
SZD-40X Halny two-seat high-performance sailplane
Pilatus B4-PC11 single-seat Standard Class sailplane
ICA-Brasov IS-28 tandem two-seat training sailplane
IS-29B single-seat Standard Class 15 m sailplane produced by ICA-Brasov
IS-29D single-seat Standard Class 15 m sailplane produced by ICA-Brasov
IS-29E single-seat high-performance Open Class sailplane, with 17 6 m span all-metal wings
IS-29G, club version of this design by Dipl Ing Silimon, with all-metal 16 5 m span wings
IS-28B tandem two-seat high-performance training sailplane
SZD-45 Ogar two-seat powered sailplane, with 68 hp Sportavia Limbach engine
Slingsby T.61, licence-built version of the Scheibe SF-25B powered sailplane
Caproni Vizzola Calif A-21 two-seat high-performance sailplane
A-21J version of the Calif A-21, powered by a Sermel TRS 18 turbojet engine
Caproni Vizzola Calif A-15 single-seat high-performance sailplane
PIK-16c Vasama single-seat Standard Class sailplane
PIK-20 single-seat high-performance sailplane, due to make its first flight during 1973
Rolladen-Schneider LS-1 high-performance Standard Class sailplane
Schweizer SGS 1-26E single-seat medium-performance sailplane
Schweizer SGS 2-32 two/three-seat high-performance sailplane
CARMAM M-100 S Mesange single-seat Standard Class sailplane
M-200 Foehn two-seat high-performance sailplane built by CARMAM
Wassmer WA-26 Squale single-seat high-performance sailplane
Akaflieg Braunschweig SB-5c Danzig single-seat high-performance sailplane
Akaflieg Darmstadt D-38 single-seat high-performance sailplane
Glasflugel Kestrel 17 metre single-seat high-performance sailplane
Slingsby T.59D 19 metre version of the Kestrel single-seat sailplane
Start + Flug H 101 Salto single-seat sailplane, based on the Glasflugel Standard Libelle
Scheibe-built SF-27 Zugvogel V single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Gepgyar R-26 S Gobe two-seat all-metal sailplane
SZD-9bis Bocian 1E tandem two-seat general-purpose sailplane
EFF Prometheus 1 powered sailplane (264 lb st TRS 25 turbojet engine)
Neukom Standard Elfe S-4 single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Neukom Standard Elfe S-3 single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Bryan (Schreder) HP-14T single-seat high-performance sailplane
Bryan (Schreder) HP-15 single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Prototype Miller WM-2 high-performance single-seat powered sailplane
Austria-Krahe single-seat powered sailplane (40 hp TR-II engine)
Curitiba KW 1 b 2 Quero Quero single-seat all-wood training glider
Vaysse TCV-01 single-seat sailplane with additional side-view (top) of TCV-02
Vaysse TCV-03, developed from the Breguet 905 Fauvette and intended for amateur construction
Jacquet et Pottier J.P. 15-36 single-seat sailplane
Akaflieg Munchen Mu 26 single-seat high-performance sailplane
Akaflieg Munchen Mu 27 two-seat high-performance sailplane
Blessing Rebell one/two-seat powered sailplane (54 hp Hirth engine)
Schempp-Hirth Standard Cirrus single-seat high-performance sailplane
Schempp-Hirth Nimbus II single-seat high-performance sailplane
Schleicher ASW 15 single-seat Standard Class sailplane
Civil Aviation Department HS-I Mrigasheer Standard Class sailplane
Tainan Mita III two-seat training and sporting sailplane
Sagami S-3K-1 modified pre-production version of the S-3
Tainan Sagami S-3 single-seat training and sporting sailplane
SZD-30 Pirat single-seat Standard Class sailplane, of which more than 310 have been built
Sixth production example of the Berkshire Manufacturing Corporation Concept 70 metal and glassfibre sailplane
Prototype of the Laister LP-15 Nugget single-seat Standard Class sailplane
VTC-Vrsac SSV-17 two-seat powered sailplane (60 hp Franklin 2A-120-A engine)
Nahuel single-seat amateur-built sailplane, designed by Sr Berca of AVEX
Schleicher ASK 13 tandem two-seat training and high-performance sailplane
Nihon University N-70 Cygnus single-seat powered sailplane (44 hp Fuji 1100-EA61 engine)
Takatori SH-8 two-seat water-borne sailplane
Takatori SH-16S single-seat high-performance sailplane
Spengeler HS3 Skikarus one-man ski-glider
Holmes KH-1 amateur-built high-performance sailplane at Sywell in 1972
Yorkshire Sailplanes YS 53 Sovereign two-seat training sailplane, modified from the Slingsby T.53.B
Prototype of the Birmingham Guild BG Gipsy 135 sailplane, designed by Sailplane Design Ltd
Mr Taras Kiceniuk Jr beginning a short flight in the Icarus II hang-glider from a hillside near Riverside, California
Volmer VJ-11 hang-glider, airborne after a short downhill run
Volmer VJ-23 “Swingwing” hang-glider
The Austrian twin-boom powered sailplane known as the Bussard
Bisier single-seat powered sailplane, built in Bulgaria for glider training
Matejcek M-17 Universal two-seat powered sailplane, with 45 hp Stamo engine
Akaflieg Braunschweig SB-10 Schirokko two-seat high-performance sailplane
Akaflieg Stuttgart FS-25 Cuervo single-seat sailplane, after its first flight
Akaflieg Stuttgart FS-26 Moseppl single-seat powered sailplane (26 hp Solo-Hirth engine)
Hirth Hi 26 Mose II two-seat powered sailplane prototype
Militi M.B.1 Idroaliante single-seat homebuilt flying-boat glider
Militi M.B.2 Leonardo powered flying-boat glider (42 hp modified Panhard engine)
JEAA (Miyahara) MGM-2 tandem two-seat powered sailplane
LSS-02B retractable-monowheel version of the LSS-02
Tainan LSS-02 single-seat high-performance sailplane
SZD-35 Bekas tandem two-seat training sailplane, of which two prototypes have been built
SZD-36A Cobra 15 single-seat high-performance Standard Class sailplane
Borzecki Alto-Stratus 24 hp powered sailplane
Manuel Hawk single-seat amateur-built sailplane on its sixth flight, in December 1972
Sigma 1 high-performance competition sailplane, with flaps and spoilers retracted
Waterman Seagull Flyer hang-glider
Vega-2 single-seat Standard Class sailplane