Jane's All the World Aircraft 1974
05 - Air-launched Missiles
A Sparrow air-to-air missile being fired from a McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II fighter of the US Navy
Unidentified air-to-ground munition with terminal homing, tested from an F-4 Phantom II. A single missile of this type demolished a concrete bridge pier during trials
Ракета Норд AS.30
Aerospatiale AS.30 air-to-surface missile on F-104 underwing launcher
Matra R.530 air-to-air missile on fuselage launcher of a French Navy F-8E(FN) Crusader
SRAAM launchers under wings of a Hawker Siddeley Harrier V/STOL fighter
Anti-radar version of Martel under fuselage of Mirage III-E aircraft
Launching a Hot missile from an Alouette III helicopter
AGM-53A Condor air-to-surface missile test round under wing of A-6 Intruder aircraft
Saab-MFI 9 light attack aircraft firing a Bantam anti-tank missile
Model of the Atlantic maritime reconnaissance aircraft with Otomat (inboard) and anti-radar Martel missiles on its underwing launchers
"Kennel" anti-shipping missile under the wing of a Tu-16 bomber of the Indonesian Air Force
Aerospatiale AS.12 air-to-surface missile installation on Wasp helicopter
Saab RB04E air-to-surface guided missile for AJ 37 Viggen aircraft
RB05A air-to-surface missiles carried by a Saab AJ 37 Viggen attack aircraft
Bell UH-1B Iroquois helicopter armed with two pods each containing three TOW missiles. A stabilised sight for tracking targets during missile launchings is visible at right
AB 204AS helicopter adapted for ground launching Marte missile