Air International 2020-01
J.Moralez - The Brasilian 'Smart Fighter' /Military/
The ES-05 Raven radar and Skyward-G infra-red search-and-track are shown here with two of the three IFF antennae.
The port wingtip combines elements of the internal electronic warfare system with a missile launch rail.
The first Brazilian JAS 39 Gripen E during its maiden flight on August 26, 2019.
The first Brazilian Gripen E (F-39) in final assembly in Linkoping.
In Linkoping Brazilian technicians are working alongside and receiving instruction from Swedish Saab employees during all the phases of production.
Like Sweden, Brazil also selected the Diehl IRIS-T air-to-air missile for its new Gripens.
Aircraft 39-8 releases a drop tank during a stores separation test flight from Vidsel in northern Sweden.
The first Brazilian Gripen E at the delivery ceremony in Linkoping in September 2019.
The Gripen E can carry more fuel and increased external loads compared with its Gripen C predecessor, with ten external hardpoints.
The cockpit of the Gripen E, highlighting the wide area display (WAD) developed by Brazil's AEL Sistemas.
A detail view of the 19 x 8in WAD.