Air International 2013-10
P.Butowski - Next Gen MiG /Military/
Two pods, both developed by Moscow-based NPK SPP, were installed under the fuselage of MiG-35 '741'. First (in the foreground) is a fairing containing two sensors; one forward- and one rearward-looking. Both sensors are part of the I-222 ultraviolet missile warning suite; four more sensors are mounted on the fuselage. Second is a new air-to-surface targeting pod (seen in the background), also developed by the NPK SPP.
An MSP-418K Kedr (cedar) active electronic jamming pod under the wing of MiG-35 '741
The latetst version of the Phazotron Zhuk-A active electronically scanned array radar featuring LTCC transmit-receive modules. The first flight tests are scheduled on a MiG-29 in 2014.