Air International 2014-02
P.Butowski - Heavylift Halo /Military/
Проектное изображение Ми-6М
The Mi-6M Hook was the predecessor of the bigger Mi-26 Halo.
The Mi-26T can carry the VSU-15 bucket under-slung below the fuselage for the firefighting role.
Mi-26 RF-95572 of the Russian Air Force.
Chinese Mi-26TC B-7802 scoops water from a lake during firefighting duties. The aircraft is operated by China Flying Dragon Aviation.
The pod of the L370 self-defensive system used on the Mi-26M/ME.
A rotor head is lifted into position above a Mi-26 on the production line at Rostov-on-Don.
A Mi-26TP fitted with internal tanks can carry up to 15,000 litres of fire retardant, and dispense the load from one of two vents.
A Russian-registered Mi-26T lifts the frame of a cathedral dome into place in 2001.
This photo shows the fuselage construction of the Mi-26.
Mi-26T RA-06291 operated by the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations carries a catamaran under-slung from four ropes. The aircraft was operating in Switzerland.
Chinese firefighters board a Mi-26TC.
A Mi-26T2 fitted with a searchlight.
The Mi-26T2 features a glass cockpit with five large multi-function displays.
Макет Ми-26
A mock-up of a Mi-26 helicopter at the Rostov-on-Don production facility.
A computer-generated image of the next generation Mi-46.