Air International 2014-02
I.Harding - Mediterranian Training Teamwork /Military/
HAF student pilots fly the MB339CD at Lecce for their LIFT pilot course.
HAF instructors and students at Lecce air base.
The HAF has a fleet of 30 T-2E Buckeyes based at Kalamata air base and is the last air arm in the world still flying the type.
HAF T-2E Buckeyes are all painted in a distinctive South East Asia colour scheme.
The HAF is the only European operator of the T-6A Texan back. Two squadrons share a fleet of 45 aircraft at Kalamata air base.
Two HAF T-6A Texans on a formation sortie flown as part of the student’s basic phase of flying train­ing.
A photo taken from the aft cockpit of a T-6A Texan show­ing the lead aircraft in a right hand bank.