Air International 2014-02
A.Spaeth - The New American /Commercial/
American Airlines' iconic eagle logo, part of American's identity since 1930s, has been abandoned altogether. The latest livery features this stylised red, white and blue design.
American Airlines has a fleet of 48 Boeing 777-200s, the first of which entered service in January 1999.
American Airlines’ iconic polished silver fuselage, flown since 1968, has been replaced with a silver mica-based coating.
American's transcontinental flights use ten Boeing 767-200ERs. They will be retired by the summer and replaced by Airbus A321 narrowbodies.
American operates a fleet of 73 757-200s, 41 of which have been retrofitted with new seats.
After returning its last Airbus A300-600R in 2009, American operated an all-Boeing fleet until the first A319 arrived in July 2013.