Air International 2014-02
K.Paloulian - Greece'd Recce Rhinos /Military/
‘lerakas’ exercises involving dissimilar air combat training practice constantly take place. In this picture with Block 52+ F-16Cs assigned to 337 Squadron based at Larissa air base
On October 4, 2003, the 348 TRS celebrated its 50th anniversary by hosting a fabulous event and inviting numerous NATO recce squadrons to Larissa. RF-4E s/n 7519 painted in an anniversary scheme flew in the formation
For the near future the HAF will keep its RF-4E fleet assigned to 348 Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron as an ASTAC pod carrier platform.
The pilots who took part in the four-ship fly-by on October 20, 2013 are congratulated by the Tactical Air Force Commander, Brigadier General Hristos Vaitsis.
The anniversary painted RF-4E s/n 7450 taxies in for parking to end the ceremony.
The entry of ex-Luftwaffe RF-4Es allowed 348 Mira to continue with its reconnaissance mission.
RF-4E on a left break dispensing flares. Today, half of the ex-Luftwaffe aircraft are painted in the SEA scheme and the other half have retained the black-green lizard scheme
The famous Spooky appears to snap a photograph on the starboard side.
RF-4E s/n 7450 was painted in a special scheme to mark 348 Mira's 60th anniversary.