Air International 2014-03
K.van der Mark - Going Dutch in Spain /Military/
Polish Air Force MiG-29s, assigned to 1. Eskadra Lotnictwa Taktycznego at Minsk Mazowiecki, flew as dedicated Red air fighters in TLP’s flying course 2013-2.
An RNLAF F-16AM from Leeuwarden-based 322 Squadron takes off from Albacete for a TLP mission. Note the Flight Profile Recorder (FPR) mounted under the wing.
Jets and crews participating in TLP may be assigned a very different role than usual. A Ghedi-based Tornado IDS of 6° Stormo takes off for a mission operating as a fighter in the Red air package.
Two Hellenic Air Force Mirage 2000s, including this 2000-5BG trainer from Tanagra-based 331 Mira, operated side-by-side with the Dutch F-16s.
One of two high-value air assets in the Blue air package was a Italian KC-130J tanker/transport of Pisa-San Giusto-based 46° Brigata Aerea.