Air International 2014-05
R.Dorr - US Air Power in Korea /Military/
A-10C Thunderbolt lls in the Hog Pen at Osan.
A crew chief signals the pilot to stop.
A 25th Fighter Squadron A-10C taxies around the Hog Pen at Osan.
An F-16C from the 35th Fighter Squadron prepares to shut down after the ‘Elephant Walk' staged at Kunsan on March 2, 2012.
Two Osan F-16s break away from each other on a training mission.
A crew chief finishes his pre-flight inspection prior to a training mission from Kunsan.
A RoKAF F-16C taxies past F-16Cs from the 388th Fighter Wing from Hill Air Force Base, Utah during TDY at Kunsan.
A RoKAF F-16 taxies from a hardened aircraft shelter for another training mission at Kunsan.
Left: Weapons technicians move an AIM-9X Sidewinder missile into a hardened aircraft shelter to load onto an F-16C at Kunsan. Right: Munitions troops prepare AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles for loading onto F-16Cs at Kunsan.
A pilot climbs aboard a Block 40 F-16C parked in a hardened aircraft shelter at Kunsan.
Left: A Block 40 F-16C from the 35th Fighter Squadron releases two 2,000lb GBU-24 laser-guided bombs during a training mission. Right: A Block 40 F-16C from the Kunsan Air Base releases two 1,000lb GBU-12s.
Munitions troops upload a 1,000lb GBU-31 JDAM on to an F-16C assigned to the 80th Fighter Squadron
An F-16 pilot assigned to the 35th Fighter Squadron checks an ALQ-184 pod during a pre-flight inspection.
F-16s from four US Air Force and one RoKAF squadrons perform an ‘Elephant Walk’ during a large force exercise at Kunsan on March 2, 2012.
A pilot performs pre-flight checks on a 2,000lb GBU-24 before a mission from Kunsan.
A Block 50 RoKAF F-16D from the 38th Fighter Group taxies at Kunsan Air Base.