Air International 2015-03
G.Warner - Tonka /Military/ (1)
No.41(R) Squadron, the RAF’s Tornado GR4 test and evaluation squadron, painted aircraft ZA600 in this special scheme to commemorate the unit's 95th anniversary in 2011. The aircraft is seen on take-off from RAF Coningsby on April 22, 2013.
The RAF painted Tornado GR4 ZD788 in the colourful scheme to mark the type's 40th anniversary.
Configured with a Litening III targeting pod, Brimstone missiles and a Paveway IV, this Tornado GR4 is leaving its parking spot on a close air support sortie from Kandahar.
Two Royal Air Force Tornado GR4s break away from the tanker aircraft to continue their mission after refuelling to support coalition forces in Helmand province.
Tornado GR4 ZA550/’042’ high over Afghanistan, loaded with a UTC Aerospace RAPTOR pod and a Paveway IV precision-guided bomb under the fuselage.
A Tornado GR4 taxies out of its shelter at Kandahar fitted with a RAPTOR pod and a single Paveway IV for a mission in support of Operation Moshtarak in February 2010.
A Tornado GR4 fitted with a Paveway IV bomb and a RAPTOR pod at Kandahar following a night sortie in Afghanistan.
Two Tornado GR4s, each loaded with two Storm Shadow conventionally armed stand-off missiles, depart RAF Marham during Operation Ellamy in March 2011.
Tornado GR4s depart RAF Marham in the early evening bound for Libya.
A target image generated by the Litening III pod as displayed on the cockpit screen.
Detailed target analysis of an oblique electro-optical image taken by a RAPTOR pod.
The front cockpit of a Tornado GR4.