Air International 2015-08
D.Unwin - An Austrian Gem /Commercial/
The DA62 features a large ventral strake, dorsal fillet, and turned-down tailplane tips.
The engines are 180hp (134kW), 2-litre, liquid-cooled four-cylinder Austro Engine AE330 turbocharged diesels, fitted with three-blade constant speed, fully-feathering MT composite propellers.
The wings feature sensibly sized non-slip wing-root walkways.
The DA62 will be offered as either a five- or seven-seater, with the seats in either a two-three or a two-three-two arrangement.
The main doors do not completely cover the wheels when the undercarriage is retracted.
The engine nacelles are extremely elegant, even the exhausts feature sculpted fairings.
Access to the cabin is good as each pilot has their own door, and there are recessed grab handles above the instrument panel.
Ingress to the rear seats is via a big gull-wing door on the port side. Well located grab handles built into the roof interior make getting in and out of the back seats easy. The backs of the middle seats fold forwards to provide access to the rear seats.
The panel is dominated by the Garmin G1000’s dual multifunction display (MFD) screens, with back-up instrumentation supplied by an electronic standby attitude indicator that includes airspeed and altitude. Control sticks are unusual for a seven-seat twin; the pilot’s carries rocker switches for electric pitch trim along with push-to-talk and autopilot disconnect buttons. The power levers are in the centre console.