Air International 2016-04
M.Ayton - The Magnificent Seven /Military/
During its 35-year service career Sea King HC4 ZA298/Y has been shot up so badly on three occasions its reckoned to have been shot down three times.
ZG821/G over Lake Wimbleball in Exmoor on March 11, 2015.
ZE427/K fitted with a Wescam MX-15 multi-spectral imaging system turret. The MX-15 was used to good effect by the Sea King HC4 crews in Afghanistan.
Royal Marines practise fast roping from Sea King HC4s at Royal Naval Aviation Squadron Yeovilton ahead of the annual air day in 2012.
Sea King HC4s were regularly painted in a snow colour scheme for operations from Bardufoss in Norway.
ZE427/K on Dartmoor.
ZA295/Y at Oakhampton during drills with the Royal Marines.
Landing on to collect troops in Afghanistan.
ZA298/Y at Woodbury Common on Exmoor.
Sea King HC4s arrive on HMS Illustrious to participate in Exercise Cold Response 2012.
Sea King HC4s depart HMS Illustrious.
A Sea King HC4 per­forms a load lifting exercise as part of arctic flying training while operating from the Joint Helicopter Command base called Clockwork at Bardufoss, Norway.
ZF116A/VP in the hover over a small lake on Dartmoor.
ZF117/X at the Royal Marines Commando Training Centre at Lympstone.