Air International 2016-04
M.Ayton - Gulfstream Flight Test /Commercial/
G500 test aircraft T1 during its second flight on May 20, 2015.
T2 undergoing cold soak at the McKinley Cli­matic Laboratory.
Gulfstream’s iron bird is operated by the company’s advanced aircraft programmes division at its Savannah facility in Georgia.
Test aircraft T2 on its maiden flight from Savannah Hilton-Head Airport on November 20, 2015.
On November 20, 2015 Gulfstream completed the maiden flights of G500 test aircraft T2 and T3.
G500 test aircraft T1 undergoes landing gear checks during its second flight on May 20, 2015.
In January Gulfstream used the McKinley Climatic Laboratory at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida to conduct climatic trials with G500 test aircraft T2. The aircraft is seen beneath an array of lamps used in part to generate high temperatures.
The flight deck of Gulfstream’s G500/G600 iron bird.