Air International 2016-08
P.Butowski - Success Years Later /Military/
This helicopter, ‘03’, was one of the first operational Mi-28Ns. Note the NPPU-280-1 nose turret with flexible single-barrel 30mm 2A42-2 cannon and 250 rounds in side magazines. The I-256 radio-command guidance datalink for the Ataka missile is fitted in the nose tip.
This belly view shows two clusters of Ataka anti-tank guided missiles and two B8V-20A rocket pods under the wing, a single-barrel 30mm 2A42-2 cannon and a round OPS-28 electro-optical turret in the nose. A box with two round antennas at the root of the tail beam contains DISS-32-28 Doppler radar.
The OPS-28 Tor electro-optical turret is the Mi-28N's main search and targeting sensor. A ball for the pilot’s TOES-521 turret is fitted above. Two blisters at the sides are sensors for the L150-28 radar warning receiver.
Optionally, the helicopter takes four 9M39 Igla-V anti-aircraft tube-launched missiles to counter enemy helicopters. Note also the engine nacelle in the background, with an inlet dust filter and a fixed heat dissipater at the engine exhaust.
The mast-tip GRPZ/Ryazan N025 single-range millimetre-wave radar, mounted on the main rotor mast, seen here on ‘36’ which between December 2011 and April 2013 conducted evaluations of the radar, will be installed in new Mi-28Ns and retrofitted on those in service.
A Mi-28N undergoing final equipping, almost ready to leave the hall at the Rosvertol plant in Rostov-on-Don.
A cluster of eight 9M120 Ataka-VN anti-tank guided missiles on an outer underwing pylon is a standard weapon.
By 2020 Mi-28N will be the most widespread combat helicopter in service with the Russian armed forces.
The first Mi-28UB ‘37’ combat trainer converted from Mi-28N c/n 02-01 at the Rosvertol factory. In April 2016 the Russian Ministry of Defence ordered 24 such helicopters to be delivered by 2018.
The Mi-28N operator’s (front) cockpit has two MFI-10-6M displays arranged vertically, a PS-7V control panel on the right and a basic set of analogue instruments on the left.