Air International 2016-10
M.Ayton - Mega Jet /Commercial/
Gulfstream's G650ER measures 99ft 9in nose to tail and 99ft 7in from wingtip to wingtip.
The Gulfstream G650ER set two new world records during a round-the-world flight from New York to Savannagh, via Beijing.
The contours of the wing and winglets of the G650ER are clearly shown in this head-on shot. The aircraft has a high cruise speed of Mach 0.90.
This near plan view shot shows the 36° sweep of the G650ER’s wing and the smooth sweep of the winglets.
The cabin on board this G650ER features leather reclining seats throughout and a sofa fitted on the forward left-hand side.
The G650ER's flight deck is set out in a straightforward but ergonomic way.
A screen grab of display showing the view of the approach lights seen through a cloud deck as presented to the pilot by the EVS II.