Air International 2017-07
K.van der Mark - North Sea Warriors /Military/
F-15C 85-0102/JZ, the 159th Fighter Wing commander’s aircraft, was the only Eagle participating in Frisian Flag fitted with a AAQ-33 Sniper targeting pod. The aircraft has three green stars painted under the windshield, each representing an Iraqi Air Force jet shot down during Operation Desert Storm.
All five Monte Real-based F-16AMs had Have Glass coating applied, which helps to reduce the aircraft’s radar signature.
One of the ten Luftwaffe Eurofighters from TaktLwG 31 ‘Boelcke’ at Leeuwarden was the wing's flagship 31+31, which has artwork applied to commemorate Oswald Boelcke was who born 125 years ago.
This Luftwaffe Eurofighter clearly shows a Litening III targeting pod mounted on the centreline station. Frisian Flag was the first exercise in which Luftwaffe Eurofighters had operated in the air-to-surface role.