Air International 2018-02
I.Harding - Another Magnificent Seven /Military/
Sea King ASaC7s aboard HMS Ocean (L12) with a US Army CH-47F and three UH-60s when the Royal Navy led US Task Force 50 in the Gulf for the first time in November 2016.
Two Sea King ASaC7s return to Culdrose after embarkation on the fictitious aircraft carrier HMS Seahawk, during Exercise Kernow Flag. Throughout the November 2017 event. Sea King ASaC7s were used to counter enemy air threats.
Sea King ASaC7 ZE422/92 near St Michael's Mount, located on Cornwall's southern coast near Marazion.
Sea King ASaC7 ZE422/92 conducting a confined area landing. One of the rear crew is seen checking the clearance behind the aircraft as it comes into land with the bag containing the radar retracted.
Ground crew prepare a Sea King ASaC7 aboard the RFA Argus (A135).
Seven Sea King ASaC7s remained in service at the beginning of 2018. The type’s out of service date is in the third quarter of 2018 but 849's transition to the Merlin HM2 configured with the Crowsnest system is well underway.
The Sea King ASaC7 is one of the oldest and most distinctive military helicopters in the world thanks to its inflatable black sack on the right side. The sack houses a Thales Searchwater 2000 radar capable of detection of surface and air targets.
A Sea King ASaC7 flight crew includes two specialist observers seated side by side in the rear cabin behind two touch-screen mission consoles.
The Sea King ASaC7 flight deck comprises analogue avionics systems.