Air International 2018-02
D.Marcellino - Piaggione /Military/
P.166DP1 M.M.62267 flying in formation with an ATR 42-500MP.
The unusual wing shape of the P.166.
Crew of the P.166 mission flown with the author, from the left: systems operator Head Warrant Officer Calabrese, co-pilot Lieutenant Casini and pilot Captain Miranda.
Maintenance on a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-121 engine at Pratica di Mare.
The ferry La Superba manoeuvring while searching for a man overboard.
Images acquired by the CASI system of a cannabis farm in Albania.
The console has two displays. In this photo, the top screen shows the video fed from the multi-spectrum sensor, the lower screen also shows the FLIR image, the radar picture and the mission track.
The P.166DP1 cabin features a systems operator console on the right-hand side.
A flight grid flown by a P.166DP1 over an archaeological site at Pompei.