Air International 2018-07
R.Yanez, A.Rodriguez - Training over La Mancha /Military/
An Italian HH-101 and an AB212ICO, together with a Spanish Super Puma, took part in two CSAR missions during FC 2018-01.
Since being established at Albacete, 28 flight courses have been held, from which 974 pilots have graduated. There have also been 103 academic courses with 2,865 graduates.
Thanks to the constant improvement of its software and the integration of new capabilities, the EF-18Ms of Ala 12 and Ala 15 continue to be very capable aircraft when expertly flown.
During the first course of this year, Spanish Eurofighters participated as members of the opposing force.
Eurofighters and crews from Norvenich and Neuburg made up the German contingent for the year's first course.
Apart from two Eurofighters assigned to 36s Stormo, the Aeronautica Militare provided as an external asset one of its modern Gulfstream G550 CAEW. This was the type's first participation in an exercise outside Italy.
France is one of the programme's member nations, with the largest number of participants in the TLP courses. Slot allocation is coordinated during the annual Scheduling Conference for the following calendar year.
Forty years on, the TLP courses are one of the best tactical pilot training opportunities available to aircrew of the NATO nations