Air International 2018-08
A.Mladenov - A Russian revolution /Military/
The twin-turboprop An-26 is used for basic and advanced training of student pilots selected to fly multi-engine transport aircraft with the RuASF, and the aviation divisions of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Emergency Situation and the Federal Security Service.
The Yakovlev Yak-130 is the RuASF's advanced trainer but due to the lack of enough serviceable L-39Cs the type has also been used for basic training at both the 200th and 209th UABs.
During the lead-in fighter part of the fast-jet training course, the twin-engine Yak-130 offers good weapons simulation capability. Instructors from the 209th UAB at Borisoglebsk and 200th UAB at Armavir occasionally practise weapons release with live unguided air-to-surface ordnance such as 80mm rockets fired from B8 rocket pods and OFAB-250-270 560lb (250kg) fragmentation/high-explosive bombs as seen here on this machine belonging to the 200th UAB at Armavir.
The Yak-130 was taken on strength by the Russian air arm in 2010 but the type was not used by student pilots until 2013.
The Yak-130's cockpit offers RuASF student pilots a modern century training environment as they are immersed in a glass cockpit, similar to those equipping the new-generation fighters and tactical bombers they will move on to.
The L-39C has been operated by the Soviet Union and Russia respectively since 1970, and despite suffering from obsolescence ans a shortage of spare parts, the type is still an affordable and effective training aircraft.
Assigned to the Tambov-based 27th SAP, a composite regiment of the 53rd CTAC headquartered at Ryazan, this Tu-134UBL is used for training strategic bomber aircrews. The aircraft is used for a wide range of navigation and combat training tasks, including dropping bombs from racks installed on the wing.
The Yak-152 is the RuASF's new primary trainer. The type is urgently needed to replace the ageing L-39C and underwent accelerated development in 2016 and 2017. Service entry is expected next year at the earliest.