Air International 2018-12
N.Pittaway - Spartan conditions /Military/
A 35 Squadron C-27J Spartan delivers an air drop load from low-level during Exercise Pitch Black 2018. The squadron performed both air drop and air-land sorties, operating from austere facilities at Batchelor Airfield.
Crews from 176 Air Despatch Squadron load C-27J A34-008, during an engines running turnaround at Batchelor.
C-27J A34-008 takes off from the austere airfield at Batchelor for a local air drop sortie. Two Spartans were based at the airfield, south of Darwin, during the large force employment phase of Pitch Black 2018.
A sequence of shots showing release of an air drop load over the Delamere Air Weapons Range.
The flight crew of 'Wallaby 01' run through pre-flight checks at Darwin, prior to an air drop sortie.