Air International 2019-01
A.Mladenov - Mi-26: still alive and kicking /Military/
The Mi-26T2V boasts a new digital avionics suite dubbed NPK90-90V, which allows for an expanded scope of tactical operations, especially in bad weather, over water and in the night.
The Mi-26T2 prototype was flown for the first time in 2011 and it is still used for testing and evaluation of new systems at Rosvertol and Mil MHP.
The Jordan is set to take on four Mi-26T2s in the baseline militarised configuration, with the first of these delivered in January 2018.
The Mi-26T2V retains some of the new avionics used on the export-standard Mi-26T2, combined with newly-installed mission systems to enable regular and safe operations of the new aircraft in very cold weather and low visibility conditions. The instrument panel in front of the pilots has two large-format colour displays and an array of conventional flight instruments.
A look at the navigator's workstation of the Mi-26T2V, situated just behind the co-pilot seat.
The flight engineer of the Mi-26T2V sits behind the pilot and has a dedicated workstation for system control and monitoring.
A look inside the Mi-26T2V's cavernous cargo hold, which remains exactly the same as that of the legacy Halo.